I’ve been watching a lot of Detective Conan. Not only do I find the plot interesting, the Japanese culture intrigues me as well. One of the many traits I’ve learnt to love is agreeableness.

There are many times in the series that Conan or Ran wanted something badly – but when the adults said “no”, they tend to go along with it without feeling any anger towards those who said no. They just simply agree and went on with their life. The reason why I like this trait is that 1. It removes any unnecessary conflict and 2. If you are truly one who is agreeable, when someone says “no”, you won’t feel horrible at all. Well, in the series, they usually get around to finding the information that they need regardless, as if what they hear is enough information to get by. Not sure if it’s like that in real life…

Anyway, they do not always agree with something. When presented with an information, if it goes against their instinct or logic, they tend to be skeptical and then search for the truth.


Praises and critcism

Praises and criticism can be both a good and a bad thing.

The good: Praises and criticism lets you know your strengths and your weaknesses.

The bad: It limits you to having certain skills, talents, traits etc

E.g.: As a child, I’ve always been told that I am good at studying but horrible at cooking and sports. It lets me know that I shouldn’t pursue careers that uses my body, that I should focus on careers that requires using my brain. However, knowing this limits me. I avoid competitive sports and had trouble learning how to cook because I’m always insecure about my cooking. If I were truly honest, I don’t think my cooking is that bad, it’s just not good compared to my natural cook cousin.

On guys being persistent

When my mom told me the story about how she and my dad got together, she particularly told me that guys who are persistent are the ones to look out for. I told her that I don’t think so from experience but didn’t know the reason for it…until today.

You see, guys who are persistent can be seen as that they are truly interested in you and if they were to invest enough time and effort on you, would begin to fall for you. This is true to some extent. If they perceive you as “the one” for them, one who is so perfect to them, they would be persistent since it would be difficult to find another girl like you. However, that may not be the case all the time. Guys can be persistent because:

1. They have limited amount of girls around them.

2. They cannot find the “right” girl.

Basically, they can be persistent because they want to keep their options open.