How to differentiate a good guy from a bad guy?

When it comes to men, females tend to instinctively know a good man from a bad man. However, the problem with me is that I tend to see the good in people… and most people are good, and not a psychopath. So, a friend of a friend (male) taught me explicitly what a good man and a bad man is.

He said that a good man genuinely cares about the women and respects a woman’s decision. This include not manipulating the women into doing the things that the man wants her to do, especially if they have the upper hand in the situation. In addition to that, if the man is truly good, he would respect the women to the point that he won’t even mention sex even if it had been months into the relationship.

A bad guy is selfish, who cares about wanting her more than caring for her. You know, those guys who convinces you that they are the best guy for you even if you were to tell them that you are not ready for a relationship or anything related to romance. Guys who brings up the sex topic is even worse. All they want to do is to fuck and leave you.



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