How to: Kiss, Have a good posture, Walk properly

This post is long overdue. Being socially retarded, I need guidance from people to know how to do something properly. I learnt how to kiss from the player, had a few go and he did say I’ve gotten much better (which meant that I suck so much before that – LOL). Also, I’ve recently met a model, people who took modelling class and people who dresses well all the time (cares about “presentation”, they said). They taught me a couple of things:

1. How to kiss (receiving kiss, as a girl, beginner)

Every man kisses at different pace. So, you have to let the man set the pace and open your mouth when he does it. Use a little tongue when he does it. The key is mirroring. Also, breathe through your nose.

2. How to have a good posture.

While not slouching means that your posture is okay, it is still not a good posture. Apparently in the model industry, if your back doesn’t hurt, you are not doing it right. You have to open up your shoulders but not too much that you are squeezing it together, push and show your breast off to the world and maintain a S-shape (push your ass back). When you stand, slightly lift your shoulders up. It will look better.

3. Walk properly.

You must have heard of models walking on a straight line. They really do do that. While you walk, you have to maintain a good posture and walk in the straight line. They practice with closed toe high heels because it is more difficult and they do this for 4 hours in a day’s training.

They started off with a pose, with only your right big toe touching the ground, heels lifted off the ground, knees bent while your left leg is straight- there is a name for the pose but she couldn’t remember it. You start walking with your right leg. You mustn’t lift your feet too high up in the air, make sure your leg is straight while it lands, maintain a good posture and make sure only the bottom half of your body is moving (so your hips move while you walk). When you have gotten used to that, you can add in your own attitude – but this has to look good.


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