Most people won’t need to read this post but being socially retarded, I finally understand what a date is and I had help from others who took the time to explain it to me. I didn’t know that if you were to “hang out” with a male friend, it is pretty much a date, unless you have friendzoned each other.

The reason why date exist is that male and female do not fall in love the same way. Male usually fall for a female’s beauty while female usually need to consider other criteria, such as financial stability, in addition to appearance. That is the reason why man has to take woman out on a date. Basically, they are taking a chance by spending time and money to attract the female as well as to look at their personality to see if the female matches them well.

To attract a female, men has to pay for the date, at least initially to give a vibe that says “I can provide for you”. This is important as financial stability is important to female, mostly because it is the man’s job to provide for the household. Being a feminist, I usually offer to go dutch even on the first date. It is probably due to my pride but I realized that it is important for male to pay for the first few dates because it makes them invest in you. I realised that if you do let the man pay for the date, they usually feel proud about it for some reason.

After a few dates, however, a woman should offer to go dutch, regardless of how much you like the man (you may decided to be nothing more than friends and still hang out). The reason for this is that you have to realise that the man needs to save up for the future, or he doesn’t but how could he survive if he were to pay for you every single time right? It’d be like you taking advantage of him and if he cannot survive, how could the relationship survive?



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