Discussion about ideas

It is fun listening to other people’s theories and concepts. It really opens up your mind. Being able to discuss and incorporate your ideas to his or her ideas is even better because both people will come up with the best plans and ideas.

I have a friend I could share, listen and discuss theories with. However, things do not always turn out nice. There are times when we cannot reach a conclusion at all. Sometimes, our mind is closed off and we are only looking at our perceived reality shaped from our previous experience or theories generated in the past. When both people aren’t willing to listen because they are blinded by their “perceived reality” or emotions, it is important to take a step back and learn to be objective again. Always remember, what others say is their perceived reality. You do not have to accept it, you just need to listen, reflect, think about it and decide if it fits in your values as a person.

Of course, if your values do not match, it does not mean that the other person is wrong. Their experience and their thinking is shaped in such a way that their own theories makes the most sense. It will help them in their life, it’s just that the theories isn’t necessarily going to help in your life.


One thought on “Discussion about ideas

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