NOT Love at First Sight

Love at first sight. I have had three of these and I am only 20. This just proves one thing. It doesn’t exist.

You see, our parents, movies and love stories has fed us with this myth that love at first sight exist when we were little. So when one first felt attraction to someone at first sight, they immediately jump into the conclusion that it is love! That was a mistake I made at the age of 12 and I hope to share this with everyone else so they don’t wait for the guy for 4 years like I did and ended up so heartbroken, I was almost dying.

Anyway, this “love at first sight” is actually physical attraction. It may go one way or both ways. He may be good looking, may look normal or even ugly. It doesn’t matter. It is all just physical attraction, not love. And you will experience physical attraction multiple times in your life. So don’t get them mixed up.

So what is the difference between love and physical attraction? Hmm… I don’t believe in the existence of romantic love but personally, I think romantic love should consist both mental and physical attraction… But then again, I felt both for a friend of mine and it’s still not love… I’ll give you an answer if I find love in this lifetime. Physical attraction is much easier to explain. Basically, physical attraction is when a person look so good you can’t take your eyes off them. It could be physical outlook or even the way they do things (hence, people fall for stars when they perform). At the very least, you would want to look at them as much as you want. At most, you want to touch and sex them. I know it sounds weird coming from a girl, but it’s just the way things work. I am not denying my sexuality.


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