Why do we get married?



In the last post, I have talked about men’s and women’s primal instinct. To recap, men’s primal instinct is to spread their seeds while women’s primal instinct is to get the male to commit and provide for themselves as well as their offsprings. But that is not the whole story…

According to Books for Better Living, there are three types of mating styles that is found in side-blotched lizards that applies to human as well:

1. Males with orange throats – these are males who provides for a bunch of females and mate with every single one of them. In real life, these are the players, those with a mistress/mistresses or those with “commitment issues”. 
2. Males with yellow throats – these males mate with the females of the orange throats whenever they can get away with them. Based on my own experience, these are the boys who keep on flirting with other men’s girl.
3. Males with blue throats – these males provide and care for only one girl and have multiple offsprings with her. This is the type of men all women should aim for.

Due to the existence of the orange and yellow throats, there is no guarantee that male will provide for the female as well as the children. Although orange throats are supposed to have provided for the females, let’s face it: human’s time and resources is just too limited to make that work! Hence, we see a rise of single mothers out there. You hear stories about girls getting pregnant and the boys would just leave the relationship and the girls’ life, pretending that nothing had happened. Basically, “love” and “marriage” provide some kind of guarantee that the male will provide for and care for the females as well as the children.

You may then argue that marriage really benefits women more than men since without marriage, women may have to bear all the consequences of sex, including bearing the child as well as bringing the child up. However, the women may just abort or dump the child aside as well if she simply cannot afford to provide and care for the child. This makes it (unfavourable) to the men since both parents, not just the mothers, will suffer emotional damages from such cruel act to their own child. This means that ultimately, marriage is not for the parents, but for the children since both parents really want are to bear a child but marriage is what works that brings the child up. This post is inspired by Smith‘s article on Marriage Isn’t for You.

In this post, you will learn:
1. Men’s primal instinct
2. Women’s primal instinct
3. Various mating strategies
4. What marriage is for.


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